03 May 2009

Audio: Strange Love Episode 99 - Afterhours at BarCampPortland with Cami Kaos

And now for something completely different...

I was a guest on Friday night's Strange Love - Afterhours, recorded live at BarCampPortland:

The literal fireworks (which you can see on the video) start at 5:24, and I start shooting off my mouth at 6:00.

Things I would have said if I had been more on the ball:

"No, my screenplay, Sweet Valley Heist, has nothing to do with the Sweet Valley High book series. But that could also be an interesting story--how would the girls from SVH knock over a bank?"

"Yes, I've taken several voice acting classes. A great voice is no good if you don't know how to use it. Did you know that James Earl Jones used to stutter? It's true. He worked hard to get that CNN gig."

This is why I'm a writer, not an improv actor.

Thanks to Cami Kaos, Doctor Normal, and the rest of the Strange Love Live crew for putting this together!


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