19 September 2008

Wherein All is Revealed

I'm heading off to Viable Paradise today, and when I return, I will fall into bed and take a very long nap.

After that, though, I expect to be all fired up about writing. Some of that energy will go into rewriting my NaNoWriMo drafts; some, toward finishing Freefall; a third portion to short stories for submission to pro markets; and, last but not least, I will do some blogging, including on this very site.

As you may have guessed, 512 Words or Fewer will feature flash fiction (short-short stories) by yours truly. Science fiction or fantasy, because that is how I roll. I'll post a story every Friday*, and will continue doing this for at least a year. It's my version of Thing-a-Week. Tell your friends!

If all goes well, as I'll continue posting stories here as long as there's demand. So please, don't be shy about commenting. This will be as much a proving ground for ideas as anything else. Some pieces will be little more than vignettes. Others will, yes, let's just say it right now, suck. Your feedback will help me decide which ones might be worth expanding into longer works.

Now, why 512 words? Why not 500, or 1,000, or 666? Find out next week.

* Some of the first few will be updated reprints from 365 tomorrows, so I'm committing to at least 48 new stories.