06 May 2009

Another Weekly Writer

Via Neil Gaiman on Twitter: For $25, you can subscribe to PETER S. BEAGLE'S 52/50 PROJECT and receive, by email, "A Brand-New Poem or Song Lyric Every Week for a Year[!]"

In case you need your memory jogged, Mr. Beagle is the author of The Last Unicorn. He just celebrated his 70th birthday on April 20th--the same date he started his 52/50 Project--and I think it's great that he's still writing and finding new ways to reach out to readers.

(Trivia: Before I started 512 Words or Fewer, I considered naming it "CKL's Weekly Reader," for symmetry with my blog, CKL's HotSheet, and as a tribute to the fine Scholastic publication which enriched my younger school days. In the end, I decided a more unique title would be better for branding and search-indexing.)


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