08 May 2009

And So's Your Mom

I've always been more into DC Comics than Marvel. I'm a big Superman fan, and I'm still a sucker for those larger-than-life mythic archetypes.

The one thing I could never get behind was the mutant "X-gene" in the Marvel universe. I can accept that there are dormant portions of the human genome, but the same gene expressing randomly as any one of a practically infinite set of superpowers is just a little too hand-wavy and magical for me.

You know what I'm going to say, don't you? That's right: Insufficiently rigorous. I have the same problem with Heroes. I like the fact that there's family history between the characters, but I don't like people who are closely related having completely different and unrelated abilities. Part of the problem is that nobody ever bothers to explain how these abilities actually work.

But I digress. This discussion is out of scope for the story at hand anyway. I wasn't able to pack all the exposition I wanted into this week's 512 words, but I hope it still makes sense.


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