06 February 2009


Not coincidentally, this week's story shares its title with the Jonathan Coulton song about the dangers of excessive cybernetic enhancement:


The backstory for this world includes some kind of Skynet-esque apocalypse and subsequent enslavement of humans--by new robot overlords, natch. Jadrew's time is a few generations later, when new superstitions have permeated human culture and made them amenable to self-inflicted oppressions.

My first draft topped 800 words, and I had to cut out some details I really liked, including an opportunity to use the word "haruspex." But one of the great things about writing short fiction is that it really forces me to come up with a succinct answer to the question "what is this story about?" and then get rid of anything that doesn't contribute to that.

I feel like I'm slowly edging up the ladder toward conscious competence. You might say I'm getting... better.

Thank you and good night!


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