05 October 2008

Audio: "Ghosts of Earth"

Yes, I'm still working on getting a better microphone. And background music.

Here's how I think these audio posts will work:
  • The title of the post will be a direct download link to the mp3 file.
  • There will be a Flash audio player embedded in the post, as shown above.
  • And the podcast, which should appear in the iTunes directory any day now, should only contain the audio posts.
As always, comments are more than welcome.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Despite the quality of the recording (no biggie) your voice comes through really well. Good reading voice, mildly terrifying in tone.

I love the idea in the story. 6 Billion Angry Ghosts indeed!

Reminded me a bit of Greg Bear's Anvil of Stars. But then ghosts threw that out the window.