10 October 2008

Incomplete Data

The inspiration for "Firepower" was the first line. I had no idea where it was going to go from there, but after a few weeks of mulling, I managed to find an angle that resonated with me. Physicists, please feel free to correct my hand-wavy science.

As I said before, not all of these "stories" will be fully fleshed out. I've found that I'm better at writing scenes than planning out deeper structures, which is something I need to work on elsewhere. The point of 512 Words is for me to start developing some of the ideas I've been accumulating, to get feedback on them, and to keep writing.

P.S. Sorry about the delay on posting audio. I'm hoping to have a better microphone by this weekend. If that works out, starting next week I'll publish the audio at the same as the text of each story.


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