03 October 2008

After the Apocalypse

"Ghosts of Earth" was my third story published on 365 tomorrows, in early December of 2006. I sent the link to my high school English teacher, who asked if it was counter-programming for the holiday season; in fact, I'd written it around Halloween that year, and it had taken a month for the editorial process to run its course.

That editorial delay is one of the reasons I wanted to start this 512 Words project. I dream of someday being able to get published as quickly as Scalzi, but until then, this is a way to force myself to produce on a schedule and allow myself to experiment with ideas in short form. I'm already contemplating longer works based on some of the stuff you see here.

In fact, I fleshed out "Ghosts of Earth" for my Clarion 2008 application--not entirely successfully, since it didn't get me into the workshop--and also started "Waiting for the Dot," another story in the same universe. Both of those are longer than 512 words, so you won't be seeing them here.



lahosken said...

So it's kinda military space-opera meets ghosts? Maybe you could call it Ghost Patrol. That would be awesome.

lahosken said...

That was awesome.