01 October 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

And here's a present for you, reader: Not only will I publish a story here every Friday, I'll also post an audio version of myself reading that story. D and I really enjoyed listening to audio books during our road trip this past summer, and I didn't take a full year of voice acting lessons for nothing.

These audio segments should be available as a podcast on iTunes. As a test, this very post includes a clip of me reading the first paragraph of a classic science fiction novel which you may recognize.

UPDATE: Okay, let's try this again. Flash audio player below, podcast-friendly enclosure link in a separate post to follow...

Let me know if you have any problems downloading the audio. And yes, I will get a better microphone. Soon.



lahosken said...

"Let me know if you have any problems downloading the audio."

When I look at the feed, it has a link to an MP3 file. But I don't think that link appears when I look at the blog post as it's rendered on blogspot; it talks about audio, but there's no obvious way to get at the audio. This reminds us that computers are dumb.

CKL said...

Yeah, I'm going to mess around with FeedBurner tomorrow. I know I can embed a Flash audio player in the HTML, but the enclosure link seems to be overriding the post body when Blogger generates the RSS feed. I'll post the audio separately if necessary.