17 September 2009

Is there anybody out there? Take the 512 survey



It is entirely possible that I'm just talking to myself here, and a grand total of only five people in the whole world are reading this blog. Or maybe the rest of you don't like taking surveys. I'm hoping it's the latter, and I can persuade you to send some feedback my way.

This survey is real short, I promise--a flash survey, ha ha! Sorry. SRSLY. Just two multiple-choice questions and a single, optional text field. Won't take you more than two minutes to complete. C'mon, help a brother out?




lahosken said...

Can I vote again? I'll visit Chicago soon, and I understand that's part of the local culture.

CKL said...

I won't stop you, though SurveyMonkey might (based on IP address).

Oh, wait, was that a joke? ;)