17 July 2009

Based on a True Story

Yes, I know that NASA retired their KC-135's in 2004 and have been flying a McDonnell Douglas C-9B Skytrain II since then. I just like the word "Stratotanker."

I had the opportunity to ride on the Zero-G Plane a few years ago, and it was an amazing experience (follow link for video; my "kill" is at 7:51). The funny thing about being weightless is that you don't sense it internally, like being on a roller coaster or in a centrifuge, where there's additional acceleration. An absence of gravity doesn't feel any different when you're stationary. It's only when you start moving that you realize everything is different. It's a truly magical thing.

Oh, and you knew I had to include this clip, didn't you? Shout out to @wilw:


During my research for this story, I found a surprising number of synonyms for "barf." Some are very clinical; others, purely slang. There's really one for every occasion. Language says a lot about culture, don't you think?


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