12 July 2009

4,400 Words, More or Less

If you've ever read comic books, you might enjoy my new short story, "Restart," which has just been published in the new online magazine Strangetastic. It begins thusly:

My name is Eddie. I am ten years old. I forget things sometimes because I am sick. That is why I am in the hospital now and also why I am keeping this journal. So even if I forget things they will still be recorded here...

Read "Restart" in Strangetastic, Issue 1: Beginnings.



LC said...

Wow, this is bitching. Seriously, it's a cool piece of writing. Great arc, breaks expectations, nice twists, and of course, fun little word streams like, "Cold fusion? Really? Nanotechnology? Oh, that's fascinating. Tell me more, old man. That's right. Keep yourself distracted." Great work CKL!

CKL said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

You should also check out the other stories at Strangetastic, then use the contact form to let them know what you think.