02 January 2009

Rhythm is the key as we open up the door

Also, some musical rhythms can mess with your head.

If it wasn't already obvious, I confess that I am a Stargate fan*, and I am willing to forgive the fact that every freakin' alien race speaks English, but I've been catching up with season 4 of Atlantis, and the egregious number of ripped-from-the-writers-room pop culture references used as conversational filler is starting to get to me.

Anyway. Just for fun, here are my original notes on the idea which spawned "Finale:"

military leader meets with great performer (e.g., violinist)--wants him to help with secret project
performer: "when we are both dust, history will remember us in only the broadest strokes. you will get one battle, perhaps a quotation. I will get the name of my instrument and my most well-known piece, probably Rosetta. that is enough. why would I risk replacing that perfect memory, or sullying it with some menial task? What is your project? A performance for some retiring general? A commission for a new anthem? I am already bored."
it turns out they've found an alien artifact, multiple boxes which generate sound, but they can't decode all the harmonics to make sense of the language.
the artifact affects the musician?

I'm finding that my first drafts come out around 1,000 words, which I then have to trim down to fit into my arbitrary 512-word limit. It's a good exercise in line editing, but if I decide not to continue this project after a year, it'll probably be because I want to write longer stories.

* For the record: Continuum was much better than Ark of Truth.


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