23 January 2009

I'm Super, Thanks For Asking

My friend Gray recently turned me on to the Superuseless Superpowers blog. It's quite amusing, and is very much in the same spirit as my spec superhero comedy pilot, "Apartment of Champions" (D hates the title). What do you do when your superpower is nearly useless--and the world is already full of superheroes?

I had some trouble generating a story this week, so I went to my VPXII classmate Jeannie's Plot-O-Matik and got some inspiration. After I came up with the names for my hero and villain, the rest fell into place more easily.

And lest you think "The Spoiler" is a name which would not strike fear into the hearts of evildoers, I refer you to writer Mark Evanier:
Murder...arson...mass genocide...these are all ghastly crimes. But to my pal Bob, they are misdemeanors compared to the felony of giving away the ending to a movie. Bob loves movies but he hates nothing more in this world than to have the denouement of a film tipped to him in advance.

-- "POV: Movie Endings"


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