30 January 2009


As you can see, I've tried something different this week. I decided to give in to my unabiding love of dialogue and just write a damn script. Also, I've probably been influenced by my recent viewings of The IT Crowd and No Heroics.

The scene I've written occurs in the third act of a pilot that I haven't written for a TV show that doesn't exist. I do, in fact, have a fully formed idea for the Jackson character: he's fat because he needs to eat constantly. He needs to eat constantly because he is physically unable to sleep, and eating is the only way he can refresh his body. If he ever gets too hungry, he starts drawing energy from the people from around him, and they start falling asleep. Just don't call him Sleeping Beauty; Disney might sue you.

My original idea came from the "5-2-1" rule for convention-goers: in any given day, you should get at least five hours of sleep, two meals, and one shower. You may substitute sleep or a shower for a meal, or replace sleep with a meal or a shower, but you must shower. I started wondering what might happen if you were able to exchange all your sleep hours for meals, and here we are.

I will also admit that I was going to name these characters "Jason" and "Todd," but I thought that might be a bit too fannish.


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