08 October 2012

If the Zombie Apocalypse Comes, Tweet Me

(With apologies to Joss Whedon.)

Last Friday's flash fiction story, "Welcome to PDX," was part of the Zombie Apocalypse 2012, a weekend-long online fiction event organized by Erin Underwood. You can see other writers' contributions tagged #zombieapoc2012 on Twitter, and linked from the info page at Underwords.

Zombie Apocalypse 2012

You can read the rest of my story in the form of blog posts from our cats, Tye and Jasper, over at CKL's HotSheet. Here's a handy chronological index (each link should open in a new window):
  1. 512 Words or Fewer: "Welcome to PDX"
  2. Jasper blog: "There goes the neighborhood!"
  3. Tye blog: "why are there so many STRANGERS here today"
  4. Jasper blog: "I am very hungry!"
  5. Tye blog: "departure means SNACK and that's GOOD"
  6. Jasper blog: "Humans are weird!"
  7. Tye blog: "so BORED"
  8. Jasper blog: "This bathroom is too small for three cats!"
  9. Tye blog: "the FOOD is coming"
  10. Jasper blog: "Some cats are too excitable!"
  11. Tye blog: "some cats are LAME"
  12. Jasper blog: "Why are humans so noisy!"
  13. Tye blog: "it's NOT NICE to cry wolf"
Finally, don't worry: this was an entirely fictional zombie apocalypse. No humans, cats, or food robots were injured over the weekend, and Jasper and Tye continue to co-exist mostly in peace with Lady Grey (shown below)--who is, by the way, still up for adoption. Contact us if you know someone who'd like to give her a good home!


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Brian Enigma said...

This had much more drama and action than Houseplants Versus Zombies!