27 June 2011

Clarion UCSD Write-a-Thon 2011

It's that time of year again: when I exhibit absolutely no bitterness about being rejected by Clarion yet again, and help them raise money for future workshops. (Actually, this year I didn't apply to the workshop because I had other things going on in Q1. So I don't even have reason to be bitter. Which I'm not. As I said.)*

Why you should donate: In addition to feeling good about supporting the arts, if I meet both my wordcount goal (likely) and donation target (uncertain), I will send each of my donors a unique, personalized digital artifact. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is; if you want to find out, donate!

ADDENDUM (7/26): Anyone who donates at least $23 will get the opportunity to name a character in one of my upcoming "512 Words or Fewer" weekly flash fiction stories. Donate $47 or more and I'll write a 512 based on any premise you suggest! (This offer is retroactive; I'll be contacting all donors after August 6th.)

As an additional incentive to any fellow Sea Monkeys reading this, I'll match every dollar you donate to Clarion with a contribution to my own #JCCC2 fund. (If I don't end up going on the 2012 cruise, I'll donate that money to an appropriate charity--most likely Child's Play--or just buy myself a pony. Could go either way on that.)

Last year my very generous donors contributed $419, and this year I'm hoping to collect $512 by the end of the six-week period. If my projections are correct, I'll exceed that target by two whole dollars--but only if you donate!


Feel free to follow my progress on LiveJournal and heckle me when I fall behind on wordcount (goal: 1,024 words/day average, 43,008 words total).

* At one point, I had this idea that I'd alternate between fundraising for Clarion West and Clarion UCSD each year, but last weekend's WHO Game took precedence over the start of CW's Write-a-thon, so I'm back shilling for Clarion UCSD.


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