11 December 2010

Book Interest Survey Results

(with apologies to Harper's Index...)
         Number of responses to survey: 16
        Most desired price, in dollars: 10
    Percentage of votes for that price: 31.3
                    Number of comments: 8
     Requests for "best of" collection: 2
So here's the deal. I've decided. I'm going to finish out a full four years of 512s--that means a new story every week until October, 2012, making over 200 to choose from--and then I'll sit down with someone (probably DeeAnn) to pick the "best of" for a print collection.

Who knows? Maybe I'll even have sold a novel or two by then, and a real publisher will want to do all the heavy lifting. We can dream. I'm pretty sure I'll be a better writer two years from now, which means the "best of" will be higher quality than they are now--and if I'm not, well, then it'll be time to end this sabbatical and go back to software engineering.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey! If you have further comments, feel free to post them here or send me an e-mail.


Photo: I was going to start procrastinating from I Can Has Cheezburger?, January, 2010

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