10 February 2010

The Stories We Tell for Haiti

Big news! A longer version of my short story "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" (think of it as the "extended remix") will be published in the charity anthology 100 Stories for Haiti, a project organized by British expat author Greg McQueen.

I'm glad my submission was chosen, because this longer version (approximately 1,000 words) incorporates a lot of detail from the first draft which I had to cut for the original 512.

Thanks to Greg and Bridge House Publishing, 100 Stories for Haiti will be in finer bookstores everywhere on March 4th, 2010, with an introduction by Nick Harkaway. If you can't find it locally, ask for it--most booksellers should be able to order copies--or search online.

All proceeds go to benefit the British Red Cross, but this project is also about raising and maintaining awareness. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died in Haiti, and many more are still suffering. If you can do nothing else to help, you can do this: Remember.