01 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

Today is my actual birthday,* and this Saturday will mark the one-year anniversary of the launch of 512 Words or Fewer.

As we sail into the second year of this project, I thought it would be fun to review some statistics from the first 52 weeks. I've never really trusted web analytics, because it's impossible to infer intent from raw hit counts, but it's fun to look at the numbers every now and then:

Current feed subscribers: 104
Reach, last 30 days: 9**
Average reach, all time: 6

Percentage of traffic from Direct links: 25.50
Percentage of traffic from Referring Sites: 51.83
Percentage of traffic from Search Engines: 22.55

Most unusual repeated search keywords:
gangsta words
beautiful descriptions
im super thanks for asking
funny voices
audio about the earth
how do you say robot in french
laura barson
words that rhythm with open
words that stay the same

Top Ten Referring Sites:
  1. facebook.com
  2. friendfeed.com
  3. twitter.com
  4. boingboing.net
  5. staticzombie.com
  6. ccmixter.org
  7. blog.nella.org
  8. linkedin.com
  9. playdash.org
  10. blog.stephenharred.com

Most popular stories, by hit count:
  1. "The Incredible Machine"
  2. "Martian Standard Time"
  3. "Better"
  4. "Ghosts of Earth"
  5. "Bad Boy of the Spelling Bee"
  6. "Finale"
  7. "The Coronation Will Not Be Televised"
  8. "Bachelor of Science"
  9. "Sam Spayed"
  10. "Universal Language"

Most popular podcasts (based on FeedBurner "item use"):
    "The Incredible Machine"
    "Kangaroo's First Day with the Eye"
    "Martian Standard Time"
    "Ghost Machine"
    "What You Should Know About Water Rites"
    "True Story"
    "The More Things Change"
    "Bad Boy of the Spelling Bee"
    "Sam Spayed"

Thanks for reading, and if you enjoy these stories, please tell your friends! (That's what the SHARE button at the bottom of each post is for.)

* I am now 2*2*3*3 years old. Or, if you prefer, 1001002.

** Yeah, I'm not real happy with these "reach" numbers, but I imagine I'd be more upset if I understood what they actually meant and trusted the calculation method. For now, I'm just going to shrug and move on.


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