04 September 2009

Dollhouse Sucks

Let the flamewar begin!

But seriously, folks... I like Dollhouse just fine, and I'm glad it's getting a second season, but I really felt like the show was spinning its wheels for the first five episodes. Others agree. Some quite vocally.

Man on the Street was good, and Epitaph One was very good. But what does it say about a series when its best episode is the one that takes place outside of its normal continuity, doesn't feature the regular cast, and which the network didn't even broadcast? Maybe that Joss Whedon should stop messing around with suited humans and just go make whatever he wants.

Anyway. Many science fiction writers have explored the idea of mind transfer and duplication, and the philosophical implications of identical people. Just to be clear, this is not cloning--a clone is just a time-shifted twin of the original. A duplicate also has the same memories and personality as the original. I don't know that my take here is original, but it's new to me. I might explore it further and see where it leads.


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zanon said...

Sadly, it did kind of suck. I didn't like Eliza Dushko/Echo much in any of her guises. She's hot, sure, but it always seemed like she was smelling something bad (kind of like jessica alba).

The multiple identity/conspiracy thing was never that great either. Best example on TV, I think, is BSG season 1. (And too bad that fell off a cliff shortly thereafter)