24 April 2009

It's Harry Potter Meets Veronica Mars!

No, not really.

But this--and by "this" I mean today's story, "Customer Surface"--is what happens when you run a Hogwarts Game one year and later watch most of Veronica Mars in less than three months. Random stuff gets wedged in your subconscious, like spinach between your teeth, and the only way to get it out is by... flossing? writing? Sorry, I don't know where that analogy was going.

Anyway. By the time you read this, I'll have only six days left to complete my 100-page Script Frenzy screenplay. You can follow the previous link to see my current progress, and if I'm still behind on page count, please feel free to taunt me via blog comment or email. And don't let anybody tell you three pages a day is easy. They are lying liars who lie.



SOMA Farm Report said...

I *LOVE* Veronica Mars, Season 1!

CKL said...

Groovy. And how do you feel about seasons 2 and 3? :)