06 March 2009

This is Not "The X-Files"

But I suppose you could call this week's story a crossover between "October Surprise" and "The Forty." Actually, I wouldn't say Jake and Andy are the same characters that appear in "The Forty," but they're the same types. And it saved me having to think up more names for people.

My original notes on the premise went like this:
What if it's like a roofie? Anyone can use it, and it's easy to get? No expertise required. How would law enforcement deal with THAT? You could still track down the bad guy--each victim would still know who he/she was (unless dead). Yeah, you'd just kill 'em. But they need to be awake DURING the transfer. What if the victim escapes?

For more on the subject, see the Wikipedia entry for "body swap."


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