20 March 2009

Not Based on a True Story

Except for the flooded French Quarter, all the locations described in this week's story are actual places we visited or saw during our trip to New Orleans last year. We stayed at a hotel across the street from the Coca-Cola plant, and there was really was an abandoned parade float next to the expressway.

Of course, Katrina didn't actually flood the French Quarter, and I hate to imagine how bad the weather would have to get for Bourbon Street to be underwater. So I kind of sidestepped that--I mean, left it as an exercise for the reader.

I considered titling this story "Bone Voyage," but I thought that might be putting the cart before the horse dray. And yes, D has been watching Bones on DVD. If it amuses you to imagine Genem being played by the lovely and talented Emily Deschanel, and perhaps the hunky but moody David Boreanaz as the second tracker, feel free.


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