14 November 2008

Three Months Early

Happy Valentine's Day!

"Love Lucy" was my last story published on 365 tomorrows. I haven't changed it much for this reprint; maybe added a sentence or two. See my HotSheet post from May 2007 for notes on the inspiration and writing process for this piece.

More recently, D and I watched The Notorious Bettie Page, and I was reminded of it while recording this week's audio post. I have no idea how accurately the movie depicts the circumstances of Bettie Page's life, but I thought the most interesting thing was how they presented her as an innocent. She never really understands why people get upset over her "smutty" photos; she describes them to others as "just silliness." To her, it's simply dressing up and playing in front of the camera. Bettie doesn't understand why some men might find these pictures so arousing, and she's not concerned about what they do behind closed doors. This, of course, is the polar opposite of Lucy, who can't stop thinking about it.

Incidentally, I'm in Los Angeles this weekend doing The Sitcom Room. After I get back, I may have some 'splainin' to do.


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